Local Spotlight- River Rat Brewery ( not just for beer)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Tuesday! I thought I would try something a little different here and spotlight local places once a week (or something like that.) 

I love trying new places around town, but I also have my, MUST go places. Thomas and I LOVE going to River Rat Brewery. We sit inside some, but their outside area is awesome, because we can take our dog, Darcy. A little history/info about River Rat here (borrowed from their website):


 Where the Saluda and Broad Rivers merge, they form the mighty Congaree in ColaTown, SC! River Rat Brewery was founded in 2013. River Rat Brewery is named for the three rivers that run through our city, and the working-class men who labored on the canal here more than a century ago. They were the supplying highways of times long ago. The rivers tell us old stories and history of our state and our capital Columbia, SC. The Congaree, Broad, and Saluda rivers contribute miles of riverfront for South Carolina’s capitol and had a role in Columbia’s landscape history.
In their honor, we set out to create craft beers that would satisfy anyone after a long day's work. We used only the best ingredients, and we tested and refined in order to develop complex flavors. What we wound up with was the best damn beer we've ever tasted —perfectly balanced, refreshingly bold, and deliciously drinkable.


Here's the thing, we love River Rat's beer, but the highlight of this post is actually about their new food menu. Taylor is the chef at River Rat and he is really bringing a creative flair and taste to the menu items. We aren't talking about your traditional "bar food" here. The food reflects that same perfectly balanced flavors that their beer does. A while back we celebrated my birthday at River Rat and Taylor made a phenomenal cheese plate. If you know me, you know, I am a bit of a cheese plate snob. I enjoyed every element of the plate. Back to the new menu though....I am uncertain if the menu will always be evolving and changing or not but , one this is for sure: the food we had was GOOD! I saw on their Instagram they are also having Taco Tuesday now. Thomas and I are planning to check that out next Tuesday because two of his favorite things are, Tacos and Beer. 

Here is a few photos of the food we had 2 Sunday's ago. I really do recommend checking them out for not only their beer , but their food also. You won't be disappointed. 

 Country Ham Board. This Ham was absolutely AMAZING! I love honeycomb too so it was an absolutely treat.

Picnic Pickle Board. First off, those shrimp were BEAUTIFUL and they tasted good too. This was great because everything was so fresh tasting and the flavors all complemented each other very well!

BBQ sandwich. Smoked to perfection and sauced just right.

BAT and the sandwich you see in the background was the Turkey and Brie. The BAT was delicious. The bacon had this awesome smoked flavor and the lemon aioli was perfection. The turkey and brie had this homemade marmalade on it that absolutely made the sandwich. 

 So there you have it folks! River Rat Brewery, where not only the beer is outstanding the food is an absolute treat. Be sure to check them out online for their weekly specials and all the current happenings at the brewery.

 They also offer brewery tours that are neat to do while you are visiting. 

Cheers yall! Have a great week and if you check out River Rat and especially their food menu, tell them Southern Peacock Eats sent you! 


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